Link Pass-Through

Perle Systems Technical Notes

fibertofiber-montage-lgLink Pass-Through is a troubleshooting feature that allows Media Converters to monitor connected ports for loss of signal. If no signal is detected on one media port, the fibre converter will automatically disable the signal of the other media port, thus “passing through” the link…

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10G Media Converters bridge connectivity


Perle Media Converters enable seamless and reliable Fiber to Copper conversion at iGC’s Malta data center.

To dominate in a highly competitive marketplace, online gaming operators frequently need to seek out solutions, like Gaming Innovation Groups ‘iGaming Cloud’ (iGC), to eliminate technological bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs and lead times. The rapid growth of the iGC platform led Gaming …

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Connect Tech – Embedded Solutions Supporting AI at the Edge

Connect Tech, a proud NVIDIA Partner, has release NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs on its COM Express + GPU Embedded Platform. Intel® processors are combined with NVIDIA Pascal™ and Maxwell™ architectures into a ruggedized small form factor embedded system. This is an ideal platform to enable deployable multi-Teraflop CUDA® solutions in a small ruggedized form factor.

VXG006_angle_ShadowModern day defense systems will rely on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the field; intelligence that will support the human operator. Deploying trained networks/AI to the field requires rugged GPU based solutions such as the VXG Systems developed by Connect Tech. Choose from NVIDIA® Quadro® or Tesla® GPUs paired with XEON® class processors in a compact system designed to be highly portable. []


Laptops do weird things at -60°F

Nashville, TN, USA – 9th July 2018


If I ever find myself in the remote Alaskan interior, I would like to meet Mike Spooner, Telecom and Infrastructure Technician at the Sumitomo Pogo Mine. Why? This man is a story-teller. A good story teller. So good, that he can make a story about setting up a networked virtual serial port …

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