The FarSync BERT Tester is now shipping

FarSite has added a host of new features to its FarSync BERT Tester-USB & FarSync BERT HS Tester-USB

FarSync BERT front panel setting line delay test time

The FarSync BERT Tester is now shipping with many new features that further expands the capabilities and flexibility of this very popular line and cable test product. The new features include:

  • Round trip delay testing – test the latency of your network, particularly useful for Wireless and Satellite network performance.
  • Support for custom test patterns, the test patterns can be captured from a line or loaded from a file
  • Testing of Multi-Drop cables and networks with up to 247 connectors
  • Testing of RS485 2-Wire and 4-Wire configurations
  • Support for bidirectional clocking and enhanced clocking modes
  • Time based tests as well as Frame count based tests
Example Round Trip Display results

Users purchasing the product will automatically get the new release with all the latest features.

If you wish to upgrade your existing FarSync BERT products please contact us for further information.

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